10 Lines Essay On Cheetah In English For Students

  1. Cheetah is a large cat found in Africa and Asia.
  2. It is the fastest living animal on earth.
  3. It lives in a variety of habitats like grassy woodland, arid mountain ranges or hilly desert terrain.
  4. It is threatened by various factors such as habitat loss, conflict with humans, poaching and diseases.
  5. It is listed as vulnerable on the IUCN red list.
  6. It breeds throughout the year.
  7. The head is small and more rounded compared to other big cats.
  8. It has a total of 30 teeths and is active mainly during the day.
  9. The body is covered with evenly spaced, oval or round solid black spots.
  10. The king cheetah has three broad black strips over their back along black spots that makes them different.