10 Lines Essay On Champa Flower In English For Students

  1. Champa also called Plumeria in English is known for its fragrant flowers.
  2. The flowers are white pink, red, yellow and orange in colour.
  3. It is found in the Himalayas, up to north east India, South India and South east Asia.
  4. It usually flowers during warm climates in June-July.
  5. The oil of champa flowers is used in perfumes.
  6. The flowers are also used for ornamental purposes during religious or social ceremonies.
  7. The flowers are also used for their aroma in hair oils.
  8. Champa flowers are an excellent remedy for skin affected with leprosy.
  9. The flowers give more fragrance at night to attract Sphinx moths for pollination.
  10. Champa flowers symbolize new beginnings, beauty, charm, and grace.