10 Lines Essay On Chameleon In English For Students

  1. Chameleon belong to the family of lizards.
  2. It can change the colour of its skin also known as camouflage.
  3. It has a long and sticky tongue.
  4. It is mainly insectivores that means feeding on insects.
  5. It has a parrot-like four feet, a tail and two eyes.
  6. It has a small light-sensitive spot on the top of its head which is sometimes called the third eye.
  7. It can rotate its eyes independently in 360 degrees and has the ability to zoom in and zoom out like a camera.
  8. It cannot regrow its tail unlike other lizards and its tail is also called the fifth limb.
  9. It is mainly found in warm habitats.
  10. Some people also keep it as a pet in their home.