10 Lines Essay On Chakradhara Swami In English For Students

  1. Shri Chakradhara swami also known as “Harinatha” or “Haripaldev” was an Indian saint and a philosopher.
    2.He is the founder of “Mahanubhava sampradaya” of “Krishnaism”.
  2. He was born in a very rich Brahmin family in Gujarat.
  3. He took sanyas at a very young age and left his home.
  4. “Lilacharita” is the biography of Shri Chakradha swami.
  5. He dedicated his whole life in the worship of “Lord Krishna”.
  6. He spoke fluent sanskrit along with Gujrati and Marathi.
  7. He was against murti worship.
  8. It is believed that he died at the age of twenty but reincarnation of lord krishna named Shri Chakrapani Prabhu from Phalatan entered the dead body of Haripaldeva after which he was revived.
  9. He was known as the incarnation of “Nirgun” and “Nirakar parmeshwar”.