10 Lines Essay On Chair In English For Students

  1. Chair is a kind of seat meant for sitting having one or more legs.
  2. It has a backrest which may be flat or slightly angled.
  3. It is made up of wood, metal, plastic or some synthetic material.
  4. Chair is sometimes padded with certain fabric to make it more comfortable to sit.
  5. Chair may vary in design, fabric and colors.
  6. There are various types of chairs like armchair, rocking chair, wheel chair etc.
  7. Armchair has arm rests attached to the seat while in the rocking chair legs are attached to two long curved slats.
  8. Wheelchair is normally meant for people with physical disabilities and has wheels fixed under the seat.
  9. Chair gets its name according to the purpose it is used for like office chair, study chair, dining chair, dental chair etc.
  10. Chair is the best alternative to complete physical relaxation and maintain good posture.