10 Lines Essay On Bravery In English

  1. Bravery is one of the most important qualities that every person should have.
  2. Bravery lets us overcome many difficult situations.
  3. Bravery allows us to emerge victorious in the race of life.
  4. To be brave means to face all our fears without bowing down to them.
  5. It is often said that fortune favours the brave, and the saying couldn’t be truer
  6.  Only by being brave can we succeed in life.
  7. Cowardice brings nothing but misery, so we should be brave instead.
  8. Bravery is what allows humans to achieve the unachievable.
  9. Being brave allows us to make the best out of our lives.
  10. We must all remember the value of bravery, and do our best to be brave.