10 Lines Essay On Brain Drain In English For Students

  1. We have often seen the scenario where talented individuals from our country move abroad to pursue their careers.
  2. This immigration of skilled people to foreign countries is known as brain drain.
  3. It depletes the human resources of the home country.
  4. It drains the brains of the home country since these talented citizens leave.
  5. Some of the causes of brain drain are fewer resources and a higher rate of unemployment in the home country.
  6. This leads to people looking for options abroad.
  7. However, this has dire consequences for the home country.
  8. It takes away individuals of skill and talent who could have led the country to a brighter future.
  9. It is very prevalent in India with talented people moving to western countries.
  10. We should raise awareness about the rising problem of brain drain in our country, and take steps to prevent it.