10 Lines Essay On Backbone In English For Students

  1. The vertebral column is another name for the backbone.
  2. It is located in the mid-dorsal region of the neck and trunk and is made up of twenty-six serially arranged vertebrae.
  3. The backbone is flexible due to the presence of a disc or pad of fibrous cartilage.
  4. These cartilage pads or discs are known as intervertebral discs.
  5. Each vertebrae has a hollow central portion, and these together form a structure through which the spinal cord passes.
  6. There are five different types of vertebrae.
  7. Along with the skull, sternum, and ribs, the backbone is part of the axial skeleton system.
  8. It extends from the base of the skull and serves as the trunk’s main framework.
  9. The backbone protects our spinal cord and serves as the attachment point for the ribs and back musculature.
  10. The number of vertebrae in adults differs from that of foetuses.