10 Lines Essay On Babasaheb Ambedkar In English For Students

1) B.R. Ambedkar was born in Mhow, Madhya Pradesh, on April 14, 1891.
2) In 1908, he received his diploma from Elphinstone High School.
3) Attended Columbia University in New York and majored in Economics.
4) On June 8, 1927, the University of Columbia awarded him a Doctorate in Economics.
5) He was a crusader against caste discrimination and untouchability.
6) In 1920, he founded the Mooknayaka newspaper.
7) He was appointed as India’s first Law Minister after independence.
8) He was appointed chairman of the constitutional drafting committee and is widely regarded as the primary architect of the Indian constitution.
9) In 1990, he received the prestigious Bharat Ratna award.
10) He died on December 6, 1956, at his Delhi home.