10 Lines Essay On Avoid Junk Food In English For Students

1) Food that is harmful to our health is referred to be Food that is unhealthy.
2) Junk food is considered unhealthy food.
3) Junk food includes all oily and spicy foods, soft drinks, pizza, burgers, chips, and so forth.
4) They are heavy in calories and include a lot of sugar and fat.
5) Because junk food tastes delicious, people and children enjoy eating it.
6) Unhealthy food lacks key nutrients that the body requires.
7) Consuming unhealthy foods causes a variety of health problems.
8) Obesity is caused by the practise of eating junk food on a daily basis.
9) People who eat fruits and vegetables are healthier than those who eat junk food.
10) We must strive to avoid eating unhealthy or junk food.