10 Lines Essay On Avalanche In English For Students

  1. Avalanches caused by “loose snow” account for a minor fraction of fatalities and property damage. 
  2. Avalanches kill more than 150 individuals worldwide each year. 
  3. The victim or someone in the victim’s party causes the snow slide in 90% of avalanche accidents. 
  4. Because the human body is three times denser than avalanche debris, it sinks swiftly. When the slide pauses, take a deep breath and punch your hand skyward. When the avalanche comes to a halt, it settles like concrete.
  5. Noise, contrary to popular belief, does not cause avalanches. A steep slope, snow cover, a weak layer in the snow cover, and a trigger are the four variables that generate avalanches. 
  6. The great majority of avalanches (90%) happen on slopes with angles ranging from 30 to 45 degrees.
  7. The avalanche risk is highest 24 hours after a snowfall of 12 inches or more.
  8. Avalanches can reach velocities of 80 miles per hour in less than 5 seconds. 
  9. A railway crash in 1910 caused the deadliest avalanche in American history. The tragedy killed around 96 persons. 
  10. The survival rate is better than 91% if a victim is rescued within 18 minutes. In funerals lasting between 19 and 35 minutes, the survival probability reduces to 34%.