10 Lines Essay On An Ideal Student In English For Students

1) A responsible individual who appreciates the significance of each and every instruction from his teachers is the perfect student.
2) He treats his buddies with a lot of kindness and generosity.
3) His distinct personality draws the attention of his teachers and elders and inspires his peers.
4) He is incredibly inventive and imaginative, therefore when given a task, he thinks beyond the box.
5) He is scientific in his thoughts since he enjoys inventing new things and manufacturing gadgets.
6) Other kids in his class constantly aspire to be like him and compete with him to obtain high grades.
7) He is physically and intellectually fit since he enjoys participating in school sports and extracurricular activities.
8) On the other side, if he has many rivals, he also has many friends.
9) He always attempts to avoid noticing other people’s flaws, but finds own flaws to be quite disturbing and works to correct them as quickly as possible.
10) He can act more appropriately than others by thinking more clearly about what is good and wrong.