10 Lines Essay on an Ideal Student in English for Students

  1. Everyone has their definition of what an ideal student should be.
  2.  However, the general idea that everyone would agree on is that ideal students should be sincere and diligent in their academics.
  3.  They should be polite to all; teachers, friends, classmates, and workers in the school. 
  4. They should submit their assignments on time and should live by the clock. 
  5. An ideal should be smart and not create any trouble.
  6.  Of course, as humans small mistakes are made time and time again, however, one should learn to apologize and repeat the mistake.
  7.  An ideal student should be very hard working and should perform well in their academics as well as other activities in the school. 
  8. They should be cooperative and open to criticism.
  9. An ideal student helps the teacher and his classmates as he/she maintains a healthy relationship with all.
  10. An ideal student maintains good hygiene.