10 Lines Essay On A Visit To A Zoo In English For Students

  1. During my summer vacation, I went to the zoo with my family.
  2. We all went to Delhi’s National Zoological Park.
  3. It was my first visit to a zoo, and I learned that a zoo is a collection of various birds, animals, and species.
  4. We saw elephants, bears, deer, and various birds such as peacocks and hornbills.
  5. We learned about the houses they live in. A lion was hiding inside its den, birds were sitting on the nest, and a bear was roaming the field.
  6. Here, proper monitoring of animal foods and health is carried out.
  7. Animals and birds live in secure areas with adequate shelter.
  8. All of the herbivorous, carnivorous, and omnivorous animals were pointed out to us by my parents.
  9. We now believe that a zoo is a place where animals can be protected.
  10. We had a wonderful time at the zoo.