10 Lines Essay On A Teacher In English For Students

1) A teacher is someone who assists children and others in learning and progressing in life.
2) A teacher accepts responsibility for shaping his students’ lives and careers.
3) They take pride and honour in steering their students in the right direction in life.
4) A good teacher never shows favouritism to his students.
5) Teachers always reward their students for good behaviour and punish them for bad behaviour.
6) They devote their entire lives to providing quality education to their students.
7) Teachers teach their students to distinguish between what is good and what is bad in life.
8) A teacher recognises that not all students are equally capable and pays special attention to the weaker students.
9) A good teacher makes learning enjoyable and enjoyable for students.
10) A teacher’s positive impression serves as a role model for students, assisting them in becoming better individuals.