10 Lines Essay On A Rainy Day In English For Students

  1. A rainy day instantly improves our mood and provides relief from the oppressive heat.
  2. Rainy days provide a fun break for students because most schools declare a holiday due to heavy rain.
  3. A rainy day is beneficial to farmers because it promotes crop growth.
  4. A rainy day is also beneficial to trees, plants, birds, and animals.
  5. A rainy day energises us by making the weather pleasant and cool.
  6. On a rainy day, everything in nature looks refreshing, colourful, and new.
  7. A rainy day provides relief from an intense heatwave in a tropical country.
  8. A rainy day during the summer season, or excessive rain, can destroy several crops, including mangoes.
  9. People enjoy a rainy day by bathing in it because rainwater is pure and refreshing.
  10. Young people prefer to take long drives in the rain because the weather becomes cool and pleasant.