10 Lines Essay On A Kite In English For Students

  1. A kite is something that uses a string to fly in the air.
  2. Since kites can fly like birds, I enjoy playing with them.
  3. In India, the Makar Sankranti festival is when kites are most frequently seen.
  4. Many individuals view kite flying as a sport in which they can compete.
  5. Boys typically like to fly kites, whereas girls prefer to hold the string bundle.
  6. Because we have to control the kite with the wind speed, kite flying is highly challenging.
  7. While many people are skilled at flying kites, others need to practise a lot.
  8. I want to learn how to fly a kite but I never get the opportunity.
  9. Birds without wings and the ability to fly are similar to kites.
  10. Creating most kites is simple with wooden frame