10 Lines Essay On A Dog In English For Students

  1. The dog is a companion pet.
  2. A dog has four legs, two ears, two eyes, two tails, a mouth, and a nose. It also has keen teeth that make it very easy to devour meat. It is a very intelligent animal that is excellent at catching criminals.
  3. It assaults the outsiders while running very quickly and barking loudly.
  4. The master’s life is protected by a dog.
  5. Dogs are present in every continent.
  6. Dogs are incredibly devoted pets.
  7. It possesses a keen intellect as well as keen hearing and smell senses.
  8. It also possesses several other traits, such as the ability to jump from any location and swim in the ocean.
  9. People like them more as a result of their loyalty.
  10. Dogs are perceptive and intelligent.