10 Lines Essay On A Doctor In English For Students

  1. In the course of human life, doctors are indispensable.
  2. It is a noble career because doctors keep us healthy and assist patients in finding pain relief.
  3. A doctor is a very responsible individual.
  4. They look after their patients, who are their top focus. Both people and animals are treated by certain doctors.
  5. No matter who the patients are, doctors value them and work to save their lives.
  6. Doctors are constantly prepared to defend their patients, whether it is during their working hours or outside of duty hours.
  7. A doctor must possess both kindness and a very strong heart.
  8. When a person becomes a doctor, their obligations and responsibilities grow, and they develop a commitment to preserving life.
  9. While some doctors only treat animals, others treat people. Veterinarian doctors are those who treat animals. 
  10. A person’s life depends on the medical care they receive when they become unwell.