10 Lines Essay On A Day Without Water In English For Students

  1. The greatest gift from God to humanity is water. 
  2. When the water supply is steady, we are unconcerned about the value of water. 
  3. We employ it heedlessly. Instead, a lot of water is wasted.
  4.  But, when the faucets are dry, we get really concerned. 
  5. Everything comes to a stop at work. 
  6. We are unable to wash, clean, or take baths without water. 
  7. We lack water and the ability to cook our food. 
  8. With cans and buckets in hand, people sprint in all directions in search of water. 
  9. The day without water brings up a lot of issues and difficulties. 
  10. A day without water simply serves to highlight its significance.