10 Lines Essay On A Chair In English For Students

  1. Our lives would not be the same without chairs. It is an inanimate object.
  2. It is utilised as a seat. In the dining room, guest room, and even in the regular room, chairs are retained.
  3. To study, students occupy the chair. Office workers need seats to sit down and use computers.
  4. It is constructed of metal, plastic, or even wood. The carpenter created the wooden chair.
  5. It has two arms, four legs, a seating area, and is composed of soft material.
  6. Some chairs come with arms, whereas others don’t. Both have major significance.
  7. There are many different sorts of chairs, including high-neck chairs, rotating chairs with tyres, and sofas.
  8. Various chairs come in a variety of hues, including brown, grey, and yellow-red.
  9. In buses, trains, planes, ships, metros, and other vehicles, there are chairs.
  10. The chair is very beneficial to people. We shall have to sit on the ground in the absence of seats.