10 Lines Essay on 14 August in English for Students

  1. 14 August is celebrated as an Independence day of Pakistan every year.
  2. On this day they got independence after 200 years of british slavery.
  3. Like every country they also celebrate their independence day with great zest and zeal.
  4. It is a national festival full of patriotism towards their nation.
  5. Prime minister of Pakistan hoist national flag at various places and address the country.
  6. It is a gazetted holiday in the whole nation.
  7. Most of the pakistanis visit tomb of Quid who is said to be the founder of Pakistan.
  8. People usually dress up in the colour code of their national flag.
  9. Various cultural programs are organised at schools, colleges to commemorate the day.
  10. They also pay tribute to hundreds of people who sacrificed thier lives in the freedom struggle.