10 benefits of Dates in English for Students and Children

Ten points on Date fruit

  1. Date plant is a variety of palm trees.
  2. Date is staple food for middle east countries. 
  3. Date trees are found in middle east, Indian subcontinent, North Africa etc
  4. There are many varieties of dates. The most famous are Ajuwa, Bejjou, Sukkary.
  5. Dates help in lowering the cholesterol.  
  6. Eating dates daily makes your bones strong. 
  7. It helps in digestion, soak the date in water and then eat. 
  8. Date is rich in iron and helps to fight anaemia. 
  9. Date rich in vitamins and good for the skin because of its anti-ageing properties.
  10.  It helps to gain weight. 

These ten lines on benefits of Date fruit and benefits of dates (fruit) for men and women. Students can use the ten points in essays, speeches and paragraph on Date fruit.